Enjoy your life. Celebrate whenever you can. Smile. Smile for yourself, your inner I brightens up. Smile at others and they will tend to mirror you. Even if you’re not happy at the moment, smile shifts you and you will start to be more relaxed, nice and satisfied.

Celebrate not only big affairs. Small one deserve the same effort. In the end, it helps you and your neighborhood. You make your life better, your life will be lighter, happier, smarter.

Celebrate anytime and you will enjoy your life.

As for the picture … Although slightly out of focus, man in the picture went by an exhibition. On Wenceslas square and Na Příkopě street, there is the exhibition celebrating 100 years that passed from foundation of our republic. I tried to recapture the image, almost for 5 minutes, but this man didn’t give me another opportunity. He left and so do I.

This post follows week 41 – Leaving. Enjoy your life. Project 52 on streets in 2018 continues.

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