I am a passionate photographer who believes that taking, viewing and editing pictures can make my life better. And I also believe that other can profit from my pictures as well. And not only pictures. My photography website contains pictures followed by few words, more or less related to life…

I discovered photography very young and started with very old film camera. I went a way holding heavy cameras and even heavier lenses till the moment when all equipment stayed at home and no photos were taken.

Nevertheless, my second life with camera started in 2012 when new small mirrorless camera had been introduced to the market – Olympus OM-D E-M5. So small camera and even smaller lenses. From that time I had and still have camera always with me. After upgrade to OM-D E-M1 came another upgrade to the 2nd version of E-M1 camera. Now I make pictures by Sony A7C, mainly with several prime lenses (Zeiss Batis). And small everyday camera Ricoh GRIII.

Photography is not something that makes me money for living. This enables me to focus only on genres I like, I enjoy and I am keen on. I do it for my pleasure and I am not obliged to provide someone with desired results.

To sum up all that I can call myself street and other photographer. Where “other” means mainly family and my daughter.

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