Out of our sight, out of our range, without possibility to touch, speak or listen. Leaving might be tough for those who leave. And even tougher for those who stay.

Never mind. Life is still going on. Or … it bothers us but time will heal it. Hopefully quicker than in a long period. You can expect how much time it takes according to your previous experience but you have still to count with the fact that leaving is different, case by case.

We can lose loved person accidentally, instantly or after long journey. We can lose him or her definitely or he or she can just walk out on.

Deal with it and as said within street 40/52, take your time.

A man on the picture symbolizes leaving. I don’t know if you realized that he rode bicycle. It’s not important so much with one exception, he can leave quicker…

This post follows week 40 – Time to mourn, time to live, a part of the Project 52 on streets in 2018 continues.

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