Time to mourn, time to live. Sad, unhappy, bad situations happen from time to time. Some situations deserve mourning, being sad and remembering, some lead to annoyance or anger. We shouldn’t reject such first emotion, otherwise they may grow inside us and tend to explosion – either collapse or violence.

If you’re challenged, if you are facing to grief, please admit it and let it go through you. Live it. Accept it. Time to overcome such unhappy moments differs, take your time.

We cope with mourning differently. For example me, I can still speak with people who are not among us anymore. And they answer me in my head. But even I seem without emotions, they play inside me. You can have it totally opposite, somewhere in between, the same, …

Let me point out one thing only. Try not to prolong grief and try to start living happy life as soon as possible. Memories are still with you – and even more if they are documented by photographs 🙂

Life and death, current photograph symbolizes both. Kid among graves. Take it or leave it.

This post follows week 39 – Disappointment. Project 52 on streets in 2018 continues.

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