Be brave. Disappointment and disillusionment threaten our life. They can arise from our inner world, they can also get to our attention from outside. Both types need to be handled different way.

Inner disappointment – mental strength is something that will lead you and enables to become balanced or even happier again. It is something that is totally within your range. Your ability to process your troubles is necessary. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to deal with it alone. It only and only means you are the last one who counts.

Why I mention disappointment right now? Right now, I live one disillusionment. I trusted and I trust no more. I did my best, convinced that I can help. So I did. And I realized that this wasn’t illusion – I was appreciated by others, in different ways, by different people.

Unfortunately, trust is something that is hard to get and easy to lose. And this happened. This lost didn’t happen suddenly, it lasted for some time. Limited information hand over, weird behaviour. Welcome to my world of now.

Don’t confuse yourself. It isn’t general statement, it isn’t valid for everyone.

New way is arising and I am looking forward. Life is change.

Today only few words about guy in the picture. He is patient. He patiently waits once I leave and he is able to take a photo. Give me strength to be patient as well.

This post follows week 38 – Memento mori, a part of the Project 52 on streets in 2018 continues.

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