Say to your loved ones what is on your mind. Do you like them? Do you love them? Tell them otherwise you can wake up one day and regret it. You can get from your job and have no other possibility than stroke a dead body.

My last article was – carpe diem. Carpe diem, together with your closed ones, with your friends, mom or dad, daughter or son, girl-boy friend etc. Remind good memories, common enjoyments. Forget hassles, very often unnecessary, piddling, small.

There are many situations in our life that we can assess as frustration in given moment. This may result in bad mood, squabble. Let’s try to avoid it. It only shortens the life, makes it heavier, unnecessarily disgusts us.

And what about photograph? It symbolizes waste and frustration, woman pressures and no matter how much, no positive result. She doesn’t enjoy what she is doing.

As well as, all she does will disappear and will not last forever. Is it worthwhile to be sad by her situation? Shortly and in given moment? Possibly yes. Help her or convince her not to make useless work. From long-term perspective? No.

This post follows week 37 – Carpe diem.

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