Use every minute of a day, use every minute of your life. Make the most of today’s opportunities as time goes one way and ends with our death. Time dedicated to us, our family and friends is going forth and is not infinite.

The same with our kids. We should give them most of what they need (and of course it doesn’t have to match with what they want). Love first and foremost. Let’s make their lives happy (and learn them responsibility).

Our kids are our lives, they make our life meaningful.

I captured the moment of a man, waiting for his kid, being still. On the other side, life is moving forward, as it is indicated by the moving car. Life is motion, instant images are our memory.

The man inside the car seems to be bored and I don’t know if he is. There is a saying that life in boredom is longer. Right but do we want it?

Final word? His daughter came in a minute and they left together.

This post follows week 36 – ReducingProject 52 on streets in 2018 continues by this entry.

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