Life is complicated. More or less but complicated. You can handle it different way, you can live it from different perspective. Many of us may appreciate when it becomes easier (of course, it doesn’t mean easy). So … try to reduce.

I decided to reduce part of my life. Not personal, working one. We are moving and I perceive it as a possibility to reduce. Reduce amount of papers, items, things and so on. Trash is one resolution, selected things went home. I decided to be as mobile as possible – only notebook, LCD panel, docking station and mouse. That’s it.

I am not saying to reduce human contact. No. Just dependency on things. Finally, many things are going to be digital and this is my way of adopting it (similarly I tend to read books from mobile phone or tablet – smell of book misses me but mobility and possibility to have hundreds of books by myself is so huge advantage).

And as for the picture? It is black and white – I reduced colours. It is dark – I reduced light. It is focused on one person – I reduced crowds. Young man reduced thoughts, although in a way which is … at least not preferred.

This post follows week 35 – Satisfaction. So far, Project 52 on streets in 2018 continues.

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