Are you satisfied? Personal life, working environment, job, your attitude to the world, country and its political representation, …

It is easy to say no. It is easy, but in my humble opinion, not correct. I can only ask you what have you done to be more satisfied. I know it is long-term journey, you should plan a bit, slowly change your mind. Maybe change your job. Maybe shift your personal life. Whatever works for you.

As well as for me. I am trying. There is still much ahead of me. It does not matter. Life is interesting and changes make it. Anyway, it is not preferred by me to change everything in one shot. My attitude – to have one point stable, neither home or job.

And what about the young lady in the picture? I cannot recognize it…

This post follows week 34 – Alone? Project 52 on streets in 2018 continues.

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