Long long time I selected my way of living. I was influenced by my nature, temperament, attitude to other people, life philosophy. I was heavily influenced by being introvert.

I learnt to cope with others and it took long time. It is not so long when I was told they cannot recognize I’m introvert. I learnt to cope with it. However I stay, no change of course.

Many other things I cannot learn. Or time for it has already passed. I cannot live the life of young man in a different way. To live it once again and to gain new enjoyments. To be more spontaneous, to think less of the consequences. Enjoy life with others, involve them in my life.

I am not saying I regret my life. No. I take it as it is and it is as I made it. And as I make it.

I look forth, present and future are worth of being on my mind.

Someone said that it does not matter what it was, but how it turned out. I don’t agree fully, a way is also important. But a result can override not satisfying past.

The man on the picture selected his way as well. At least, he knows what to read in close future. Happy days, happy future, happy life.

This post follows week 42 – Celebration. You can select your lifestyle, book to read, anything else. Do it and decide. Project 52 on streets in 2018 continues.

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