You deserve love. You deserve being happy and enjoy every day. The only way to get on the proper way and fulfil this task is … giving love, happiness, many smiles. Especially to your loved ones. Do it and regret every moment, you lost by being angry on others. Our life is short and it is not worth to make it quarrelsome, fighting, angry.

If you are challenged by some inconvenience, discomfort, always ask yourself: Is ti worth to deal with this trouble? If yes, second question should come: Is it worth to follow your first impulse – attack? In some situation, true answer will be yes. But in most cases you should let your trouble go by kindly, smilingly, with friendly approach.

Do remember – better to take a while and relax than stress yourself and thus shorten your life (literally).

There is a man reading in a subway. Or maybe he is texting. I took this picture for one reason – symmetry symbolized by poles for holding in the middle. Symmetry symbolized by close man in the foreground and small woman in the background.

This is detached from the blog text above. But I had to say, I had to show.

This post follows week 45 – 2+2. Project 52 on streets in 2018 continues.

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