Today, new beginning occurs. Contrary to the end. New beginning has started, tightly connected to the last year. Sometimes it is not easy to start again from the scratch. It helps much to have something you know, something you can lean on. Literally. Or figuratively, it is enough.

Like me in this blog. Right now, I am starting new year and probably new series of commented photos. Yes, the picture was taken in summer 2018. I was going through old photographs and found this one, not published and commented yet.

Sometimes it is good to start slowly. Not to hurry. Like me now. I have a new project for this year in my head, but I am starting now, with old photo. I am taking time. Why not?

Take your time, be relaxed, focus on what is interesting for you. Do not waste your time with “duties” that nobody will appraise. Nor you!

Like people in the picture. Both woman and child are focused on the camera. Concentrated. I like a hat, serenity of both, curiosity of younger one. I like peace in their eyes.

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