Sometimes you need to be alone
Shut the door, unplug the phone
Speak in a language they don't know
It don't matter now

[George Ezra's song]

Imagine, you are looking for calm and peaceful place. Nobody will disturb you. You will be alone, you will be with your inner You. Having plenty of time for thinking. Are you experienced? You are able to find it without any help, just your mind will lead you through the rush and will show you a way. Do you appreciate some help? Find a place, the good place where no noisy, rowdy, unconsiderate people live.

Do you think, two guys in the picture sought cemetary just for itself? I don’t think so. They are satisfied by being together, only they, no other people, neither children, nor adults. No one is disturbing them. Good for them.

From time to time, everyone needs to be alone. Even extroverts. But no one wants to be lonely. Even introverts.

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