The main message of today is: Look forward to future events but fully enjoy the current ones.

There must be no limit of your enjoying of present time, especially at the expense of future. On the other hand, don’t forget on ongoing events and look forward to it.

Long story short…

Example 1: If you are with your family, first live common life and then (or during) take photos. Don’t lay common experience after photographing (of course remembering the fact that photos are your memories and you will get to them back once you are older).

Example 2: Going out to make good snap, to get the best picture of the day in the street, is different goal. Take pictures and focus fully on taking them. Enjoy this event and look forward to selecting the right one and editing it.

Differentiate between what and why you are doing and focus on the proper thing in proper time. You’ll be more satisfied and your life will be happier.

Enjoy now and loo forward to next.

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