The world is split into two parts. Extroverts and introverts. These two groups are almost similar (by its extent). However.

For ages, extroverts are more visible, more aloud, their opinions are heard. Life around us tends to be modified to their lives. As well as in our jobs.
Covid-19 changed everything. We were and somewhere are still stuck in our homes, doing most of common activities virtually. And the world showed us that all that is possible. We can and we do all job activities remotely, without any affect on them. It is possible and it is possible well.

How do you recharge yourself? Do you need tons of people, talks and meetings on-site, common lunches? Do you need book, calm walkaround, sitting in the garden with perfect view on nature around? Are you in the middle of that?

The world went towards introverts. Don’t let them take it. Let us find compromise. Let us change the world in a manner both introverts and extroverts are satisfied.

I don’t want to be pushed into world where extroverts “are living” only.

Thank you.

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