Yes, once again street, one photo per 52 weeks, year 2021. Repetition of years 2015, 2017 and 2018.

I decided to hold it once again and show myself, it is reasonable and make sense to adhere to the one topic for longer period and regularly. Focus on everyweek assignment, which should consist (in my perpective) not only from a photo but also text, idea, thought related to it or to situation which occurred that week.

So… Street 1/52 – quarantine. According to government regulations (valid this minute which doesn’t mean it is valid 2 minutes later), you have to limit your outside stay for just limited time, in nature or way there, and only in two persons together at maximum.

I do it however 26 ducks is close to me and I may say together with me. Am I breaking the rules? I hope no, common sense says NO in capital letters, government (non)sense would probably say yes. I’m gonna cry…

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