Christmas Eve. Christmas in its beginning. Midnight Mass.

Many people say Christmas Eve is the end of Christmas. I don’t think so. For me, Christmas begins during its preparation but lasts till the end of the year and finishes when Christmas tree is taken off. In the end of January or so.

All of us should accept that Christmas are not a holiday of shopping or a bunch of things. To meet with people and giving joy … this is Christmas.

After a long time, I visited Midnight Mass. I looked forward to peace of Christianity, nice songs and mighty organ. At the end, I was dissapointed due to not so well selected words of the priest. But anyway, once he returned to classic church mass, it started to be peaceful again.

The photo was taken in front of the church, waiting for a mass.

This post follows week 50 – Christmas shoppingProject 52 on streets in 2018 continues.

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