I am hurry. The year is going to its end and I am still under fifty with my project. Of course, pictures has already been taken, photowalks done. Just to select, edit and write something related to them 🙂

Young lady on the left is hurry as well. Not to be in the shot. Although not caught smiling, she smiles afterwards. It is always fine when people react kindly to my camera. Both, they and me, smiling. Taking it as a game. Pleasant game, not a cat and mouse game.

It helps me so much when I show smiling face. Keep inner peace, keep contact with photographed person, keep safe distance if he is disgruntled 🙂

I like my photowalks, I like slow walking, looking around, I like sound of clicking shutter… I like going through photos later on, editing and publishing. All this path starting by camera in my hand is me.

This post follows week 48 – DiscussionProject 52 on streets in 2018 continues.

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