Let me say. I was ill. It was a difficult experience. Not only negative one. Partially also positive, but only and only in retrospective, looking back in time. During the 6 month period, I cannot appreciate something good living my disease.

Stop. I am wrong. I am totally wrong in one thing. I was glad every time I was able to say what was on my mind. Slowly, using easy to pronounce words, repeating, pausing, deeply breathing, waiting.

It started inconspicuously. One word in the beginning, one sentence one month later. In the end, I was hardly able to speak fluently. I was loosing ability to speak. Although my mind was absolutely clear, although I knew what I wanted to say, I was able to deliver words in a very limited way, only with great effort, properly selecting easy words, searching for synonyms every time.

Tough time. And not only for me. People in my neighborhood were kind and patient. Very great thank to them. No doubts.

Are you interested in why it happens, what was the reason? So do I. Nobody told me, doctors didn’t know as well.

To sum it up – live in the moment…

This post follows week 32 – Away from the sun. So far, leave the sun and live in the moment. Project 52 on streets in 2018 continues.

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