These days, there is so little water in the Elbe. You can go to the middle of the river, by dry feet. I still wonder how it will continue. Where it ends. My places going to be like southern states now. Weather gets more and more unpredictable and dichotomic – summer or winter, nothing between them, almost no spring and autumn.

Anyway, it enabled me to make such a picture. Young couple walking by river, and not only by but also “in”. They still try not to get wet, being successful only partially.

I like how they mirror in the water.

I like to be able to get picture in bright sun which is contrast just as it should be.

I like involving this couple in wider environment.

I like the photo … And that’s why it is shared with you.

And of course, this post follows week 29 – Pedestrian crossing, part of Project 52 on streets in 2018.