book is a medium for recording information in the form of writing or images, typically composed of many pages bound together and protected by a cover. This is a definition of book.

However it is more important what it means to us. Book is a possibility to enter another world, it is a chance to learn something new, it is an opportunity to enhance our creativity. Books are a mean for better life, more joy, meaningful spending of our time.

History of books is very long. Starting with the beginning – Mr. Guttenberg and its letterpress has merrits with widespread reading. The year is so important for books, reading, knowledge sharing, enjoyment, etc. etc. etc.

Twenty years or so, we all thought books can be on paper only (or mostly). No other forms were widespread.  But today, situation differs. For instance, we have access to library in our phones, e-book readers, tablets. We can have hundreds of books with us and always select the one which corresponds to our attitude and mood.

Moreover, listening to books enables us reading while driving. Good for us. No more waste of time during commuting to job.

We live in good world, we can live even better. Try to read, play with books, give them as a present. Live with them and enjoy what they can provide.





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